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Gateway Pay provides global payment processing solutions to businesses that accept payments from their customers via the Internet or MOTO (mail order / telephone order). Our main focus is on the 'card-not-present' business environment. When the consumer's credit card is not physically present (called CNP, card not present), the merchant must then depend on the person offering the information... indirectly. This purchasing structure presents a much riskier financial transaction than simply purchasing "in person". Offshore and domestic processors manage this risk differently than conventional 'card present' payment processors.

Our goal is to increase client profit by providing multi-currency payment solutions for ALL “card-not-present” electronic transactions. These types of transactions include Credit & Debit Cards, ACH, Electronic Check and Electronic Funds Transfer. We also support difficult-to-place and unconventional industry types. With over 25 years of processing and financial industry experience, Gateway Pay is able to service all business types, including eCommerce, adult, credit repair, pharmacy, travel, electronics, car service, MLM and businesses where the consumer’s credit card is “not present”.

We support a myriad of clients, ranging from e-commerce start-ups to businesses processing tens of millions of dollars per month…at competitive rates. Merchants join the Gateway Pay family because they want to increase revenue, remove their current processing caps and overcome challenges with their industry niche, credit history, and TMF/MATCH file issues.

The Gateway Pay automated chargeback prevention system notifies our clients about pending charge-backs. This significantly reduces charge-backs and is just one of the many advantages of using Gateway Pay as your high-risk merchant service provider.

Gateway Pay’s solid banking relationships, both domestically and globally, ensure that merchants have the most aggressive rates. This is a direct-result of our banking and aggregation relationships.

Merchants typically are funded within 48-hours and include reconciliation reports for cross-referencing. Gateway and processing banks include redundancy and fraud features to help ensure all forms of security and PCI Compliance are achieved.

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Credit Card Processing

Advanced solutions to target customers worldwide.

Gateway Pay securely processes transactions in over 150 currencies for all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, Carte Bleue and JCB.

Multi Currency Conversion

Overcoming barriers to successful global strategies.

Solutions to overcome the currency barrier and prevent chargeback risks by making customers feel as if they are shopping in their own country and in their own currency.

Direct Debit

Direct deposit but initiated by the beneficiary.

A direct debit or direct withdrawal is an instruction that a bank account holder gives to his or her bank to collect an amount directly from another account. It is similar to a direct deposit but initiated by the beneficiary.

Mobile Pos

Manage your bills online.

Gateway Pay is an eCommerce agent with fully functional software that enables complete control and collection management of bills in a web server and the generation of Boletos Bancarios in a virtual store.

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