Multi-Currency Conversion

One of the primary barriers to successful global strategies is currency management. When international customers are shopping online in a currency with which they are unfamiliar, they are often unaware of what the final transaction will cost. This situation can significantly increase charge-back risks for merchants.

Gateway Pay has created a solution that will overcome the currency barrier and prevents charge-back risks by customizing the payment process to make customers feel as if they are shopping in their own country and with their own familiar currency. Gateway Pay's foreign exchange cash management services are the perfect way to help ease the stressed of currency conversion and eliminate the worry of overwhelming charge-backs from foreign shoppers.

Facilitating Gateway Pay's geo-location technologies, multiple currency conversion can automatically deliver country-specific currencies or redirect to country-specific websites. Multi-Currency Conversion enables merchants to gain additional profits by identifying a credit card's country of origin and offering the customer a choice between their home currency or the merchant's local currency. Gateway Pay's Multi-Currency Conversion solution immediately accesses the most up-to-date currency exchange rates and calculates prices in the shopper's familiar currency. The buyer selects the currency of choice, the transaction proceeds and clearly elucidates prices and fees in the consumer's selected currency, and final settlement occurs in the merchant's home currency. Through the Multi-Currency Conversion system, the exchange rate is guaranteed, and merchants receive payments in their home currency,. This increases profits, broadens the business' global reach, and eliminates any exchange rate risk to the merchant.

A key component of Multi-Currency Conversion is a comprehensive set of reconciliation tools and multi-currency reporting. This full financial reporting includes:

  • A web reporting system that compiles all global transactions, all currencies and all fees in one report
  • Overview of projected cash flows
  • Full disclosure on each transaction
  • Integrated data from merchant's processor reports
  • User-friendly web interface based on .NET framework

With Multi-Currency Conversion, merchants can conduct business as usual. Instead of worrying about conversion rates and ruling out service to foreign countries - thereby eliminating revenue potential - merchants can price items the way they are used to, and receive payments in their own currency. Gateway Pay provides conversion in over 150 currencies worldwide.

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Credit Card Processing

Advanced solutions to target customers worldwide.

Gateway Pay securely processes transactions in over 150 currencies for all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, Carte Bleue and JCB.

Multi Currency Conversion

Overcoming barriers to successful global strategies.

Solutions to overcome the currency barrier and prevent chargeback risks by making customers feel as if they are shopping in their own country and in their own currency.

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A direct debit or direct withdrawal is an instruction that a bank account holder gives to his or her bank to collect an amount directly from another account. It is similar to a direct deposit but initiated by the beneficiary.

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Gateway Pay is an eCommerce agent with fully functional software that enables complete control and collection management of bills in a web server and the generation of Boletos Bancarios in a virtual store.

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